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Beard Responsibly

Bearding has been called a trend, a fad, a testament to laziness and a slew of other not so pleasant things. But you know better. That’s why you are here.

  • Beards are not dirty. Despite what you may have heard in the news, or your ex-girlfriend may try to tell you. Most beards, and a majority of bearded men are very well kept and do their best to take care of their beard, hair and skin. This is not new. This is the way it should be. Men are manly BECAUSE they are well kept. It’s science gents, the cleaner you are the more likely you are to attract a mate.
  • Beards are not a trend, since man was born with the ability to sprout facial greatness beards have been part of society. In the days of the Romans, those in power and with means used beards as a means to separate themselves from those less fortunate by taxing the right to wear hair on their chin. Egyptian kings, no matter their age, were drawn and sculpted with beards much for the same reason, a show their royalty. Even American generals, socialites and politicians during the civil war donned bearded glory.
  • Having a beard does not make you lazy. In fact, shaving takes far less maintenance and up keep than having a great beard. But you know that too. Beards, like everything great in life take time, patience and work to get just right.

So why GoodBeards and not someone else?

This is a great question. With all the other items out there on the market today, it is hard to reason one over the other. I tried some other products, and in the end I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t finding it. So I created The KingMaker, a blend of Frankincense and Myrrh with a touch of Eucalyptus and combined that with pure Grapeseed, Apricot, Hempseed and Vitamin E oil. See I wanted the best of both worlds. I wanted a product that would help my face and beard feel moisturized and clean, but I really wanted it to smell beautiful if I was going to rub it all over my face. Honestly, I use it on my beard, I rub the excess in my scalp and my boys are now even into adding it to their morning routines. It just smells great and when you feel clean and good, the world is your playground.

What do I use Beard Oil for? (HINT: NOT JUST FOR BEARDS!)

I rub it in my scalp, I use it on my face, dry skin areas and it could even be used for pre and post shave if you are not a full bearded gent. My wife uses this on her dry chapped hands and elbows, I have customers who use the balm and oils on everything from their hair to their toes. We basically create the products that we want to use ourselves and have found that our passion for quality really shines through.

Want to smell great and feel refreshed? Throw on some Citrus Knock-out, it will wake you up and get you ready to tackle anything the day can throw at you. Want to feel like royalty and pamper yourself (don’t lie guys sometimes it is nice to feel like a king), douse your mane with The KingMaker and watch the magic happen.

All Natural ingredients means you can’t really go wrong. BUT IT IS FOR TOPICAL USE ONLY!!! The reason for this is there are some essential oils that in excess can cause stomach irritation (which as you can imagine would be the opposite effect to the reason you are using these).


  • Rub it in your eyes. (amazing but true, essential oils are not to be used for contact solution or to cure dry, red eyes)
  • Drink it. (It might smell delicious, but I can’t say that the outcome would be all that pleasing)
  • Use more than you really need (Generally a dime size or smaller amount rubbed in to your hands first is the best practice here) But if you do, use the excess on the dry skin spots we all have


  • Be prepared to have your personal space violated a little (It is natural, when something smells pleasing it attracts attention)
  • Be smart (As said above, it is TOPICAL use only, that means EXTERNAL SKIN, don’t get too liberal with it and go overboard!)
  • Be handsome, proud and confident (When you smell and feel great, people take notice)


This product will cause complete strangers to violate your personal space! My wife loves it, and can’t keep her hands out of the beard. My friends have specific requests to “Go put on some beard oil” from their significant others. That’s about all I can say, it works. It makes you smell great, and manages to give your beard volume while staying manageable.

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