What do I use Beard Oil For?

All Natural ingredients means you can’t really go wrong. BUT IT IS FOR TOPICAL USE ONLY!!! The reason for this is there are some essential oils that in excess can cause stomach irritation (which as you can imagine would be counter-intuitive to the reason you are using it).


  • Rub it in your eyes. (amazing but true, essential oils are not to be used for contact solution or to cure dry, red eyes)
  • Drink it. (It might smell delicious, but I can’t say that the outcome would be all that pleasing)
  • Use more than you really need (Generally a dime size or smaller amount rubbed in to your hands first is the best practice here)


  • Be prepared to have your personal space violated a little (It is natural, when something smells pleasing it attracts attention)
  • Be smart (As said above, it is TOPICAL use only, that means EXTERNAL SKIN, don’t get too liberal with it and go overboard!)
  • Be handsome, proud and confident (When you smell and feel great, people take notice



In Your BEARD:
Start with a dime-sized amount in your hands, rub them together and massage into your beard, moustache, and especially the skin underneath, preferably after a shower (to trap natural moisture).
You can always reapply throughout the day as often as you like to add something extra to your day!

In Your HAIR:
Work through wet hair, down to the scalp to prevent dryness, split ends and trap in natural moisture from a shower.

On Your SKIN:
Everyone’s skin is different; so start with a little and work in slowly to dry areas.

Remember to always Beard Responsibly!