What is beard oil?

This is the frequently asked questions section. Hopefully this will shed some light on the benefits, uses and give a good overview of Beard Oil it self.

How is Beard Oil made?
GoodBeards uses a blend of pure Grapeseed, Vitamin E, hempseed, jojoba and Apricot oil as the base. The beauty of this is that these carrier oils are very light and provide many health benefits for the skin and hair. All of these oils have been used to clear up complexion, soften and moisten skin, reduce the signs of wrinkles and scars and overall promote healthy vibrant skin. Grapeseed oil is cold pressed, edible and is a great alternative to olive oil and many other cooking oils. Vitamin E oil is very adept at reducing the signs of imperfections and scars in the skin as it promotes the skin’s natural healing. Cold-Pressed Apricot oil is strengthening and filled with healing qualities and is easily absorbed by your hair and skin. Apricot oil is also extremely beneficial in aiding the skin’s natural defense of in-grown hair and dry/chapped skin.

This blend alone would be healthy and help reduce the occurrence of split ends, in-grown hairs and brittle hair. By moisturizing the skin and hair, you would see a drastic reduction in the itching and irritation common with shaving and growing facial hair.


These oils, while good for your skin, have little to no fragrance. And honestly that is one of the biggest complaints of your significant other. In order for your manly mane to smell good you have to wash it, but washing it takes away all of the natural oils that protect your hair and keep it growing and strong. So you need to add a Beard Oil to your regimen to trap the moisture in and protect the hair. But what if that product could also help you attract a mate? Or at the very least prevent you from getting kicked out of bed?

That is where the essential oils and fragrances come in. So what are essential oils?

Essential oils like Cedar, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Frankincense and Myrrh are naturally occurring oils derived by distilling the flowers, wood and leaves of various plants and minerals. GoodBeards uses pure essential oils for our fragrances and blends each batch individually. We make small batches (32 two ounce bottles) at a time, blending the essential oils with our carrier blend for a perfect scent and feel every time.

Remember to always Beard Responsibly!