Spring has sprung what’s going on with my beard?

Spring is here, and for most that means a shed. No, not the shed in your backyard where the mower has been sitting idle for months. The beard shed. True story, your beard, like most other parts of your body, goes through cycles of growth. Skin dries out and dies off and flakes away to […]

Itchy, irritated, dandruff getting you down?

“Why is my beard so itchy?” Quite simply, it’s because you have a beard. But it doesn’t end there. Your beard itches because the skin underneath is dry and lacks the vitamins that it craves. The only solution for this is to replenish that moisture and treat the skin and beard with quality oils that […]

Why use carrier oils?

Carrier oils are used to reduce or spread out the amount of pure essential oils exposed to the skin directly. The oils should be all natural and unrefined, though refined oils may be more pleasing to the nose and texture, the nutrients contained in the unrefined oils will aide your skin and hair in healthy […]

Beards for Koby

On January 12th, 2015 Koby Lovelady was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Type B-All Leukemia). Koby started treatment the very next day, and undergoing aggressive treatment currently. This fundraiser aimed to aide in the medical expenses for the family. Every penny earned went directly to the family, nothing at all was kept by the organizers […]

What is the deal with Essential Oils?

Essential oils are derived from the “essence” of the plant, seed, flower or herb that they are named for. This pertains to the way the natural oil and fragrance is produced (usually distilling the main source) as opposed to the creation of a scent through a chemical process. What this means for you is a […]

What is Babassu Oil and why do we use it?

Q: I see you include Babassu Oil as a primary ingredient in your balms, what is this and why use it? A: Babassu is awesome. But that’s not really enough information, so this is why: Babassu is a sustainable and environmentally-sound ingredient. Babassu oil is extracted from the nuts of the wild-growing babassu palm tree […]

Why should you use oil for your beard and face?

Beard Oil isn’t just for the beard it self. Think of it as a manly moisturizer for your face. The combination of Grapeseed, Apricot and Vitamin E oil are all-natural oils that by themselves have been used for health care products for years, then we combine Hempseed and Jojoba oil to really treat the hair […]