Mojito Conditioning Balm

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Tired of being stuck in the rut and smelling the same day after day, hour after hour? Release yourself from boredom and get your groove back by envisioning Warm beaches, poolside afternoons or any time you want a fresh change of pace reminding you to slow down and enjoy life in the slow lane, GoodBeards Mojito is our latest addition to the family. This widely popular scent has been our best selling bar soap for a while now and bringing the minty-lime goodness to our other products just felt right.

Notes of pineapple, papaya and salty beach combine with lime and two different mint essential oils combine to make a beautifully aromatic adventure for your beard and skin!

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This beard balm will not only soften, condition and treat your itchy beardruff it is sure to make people take notice. Use it in place of cologne, use it after you shave, use it in your beard and the hair on your head. Rub the excess on your hands and arms. Just use it, trust us it’s awesome!

Babassau, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hempseed Oil and Vitamin E oil make the smoothest, richest beard balm you will ever try! Melt down about a nickel-size worth in your hands and rub all the way through your beard, and don’t forget to use the remnants as lotion for the rest of your body!

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