No Fad, Just Facts

Bearding has been called a trend, a fad, a testament to laziness and a slew of other not so pleasant things. But you know better. That’s why you are here.

  • Beards are not dirty. Despite what you may have heard in the news, or your ex-girlfriend may try to tell you. Most beards, and a majority of bearded men are very well kept and do their best to take care of their beard, hair and skin. This is not new. This is the way it should be. Men are manly BECAUSE they are well kept. It’s science gents, the cleaner you are the more likely you are to attract a mate.
  • In the days of the Romans, those in power and with means used beards as a means to separate themselves from those less fortunate by taxing the right to wear hair on their chin. Egyptian kings, no matter their age, were drawn and sculpted with beards much for the same reason. Even American generals, socialites and politicians during the civil war donned facial hair glory.

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