Itchy, irritated, dandruff getting you down?

“Why is my beard so itchy?”

Quite simply, it’s because you have a beard. But it doesn’t end there. Your beard itches because the skin underneath is dry and lacks the vitamins that it craves. The only solution for this is to replenish that moisture and treat the skin and beard with quality oils that pack vitamins and trap moisture in.

It’s not rocket science, dry skin itches. When it itches we scratch it. When we scratch it it becomes irritated. Then it dries out more and the cycle continues. The only solution is to get that dry skin healthy and moisturized. Shaving isn’t truly going to help either. When you shave your face you are cutting the hairs with the razor. These cuts cause the hair to have a freshly pointed tip as they grow out. So within the first few weeks of growing a new beard those sharp tips start to come into contact with your skin. This causes irritation and leads to scratching and itching. Also a majority of commercial shaving creams and aftershaves contain alcohol, and guess what, alcohol dries things out! Don’t put alcohol on your face, it’s just going to cause more issues.

As men we often find that we don’t want to think of “frivolous” or “girly” things like moisturizing our faces and conditioning our hair. In fact companies like Proctor and Gamble have made boatloads of money on the laziness of men. Combining shampoo and conditioner in the same bottle saves time to be sure, but the quality of product contained in those bottles is not what you truly want on your body. Rule of thumb, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t use it.

We have beards, we love our beards. If we take care of our beards, they will live us back and flourish. Beard Responsibly!