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What is Babassu Oil and why do we use it?

Q: I see you include Babassu Oil as a primary ingredient in your balms, what is this and why use it?

A: Babassu is awesome. But that’s not really enough information, so this is why: Babassu is a sustainable and environmentally-sound ingredient. Babassu oil is extracted from the nuts of the wild-growing babassu palm tree (Orbignya phalerata).The tree grows in an 18 million hectare area bordering the southern and eastern fringe of Brazilian Amazonia

Pure Babassu Oil is known as being soothing, protective, conditioning and moisturizing to the skin. Babassu Oil penetrates quickly without a greasy after feel like many other oils. This oil is a common additive in products that are formulated for dry scalp and itching skin. Our Babassu Oil is all natural and is Cold Pressed. It is also rich in Vitamin E and Phytosterols which act as the oil’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agents.

The Babassu oil or cusi oil comes from the fruits of the Babassu palm trees that are native to the Southern American regions particularly in Brazil. A Babassu palm tree grows for up to 20 metres tall and the oil extracted from its seeds are widely being used as an alternative to coconut oil and as a cleansing agent by the soap and detergent industry. Today, the Babassu oil has also found its way into the personal care and beauty industry because of its moisturizing properties.

The oil is also being used to treat a number of skin diseases and illness like eczema. One thing you have to know about Babassu oil is that its consistency is actually watery and really oily. With this, the Babussa oil blends well on the skin which makes it a good moisturizer without the greasy after-feel.

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