Lost in the Woods Beard Oil

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When you need to reconnect with the nature, take a walk in the woods, follow the trails and lose yourself amongst the tall trees and thick undergrowth with our Lost in the Woods beard oil. Apply some oil on your luxurious beard and breathe in the fragrance of the woods with hints of cedar, rosemary, sage and the sharp, fresh, citrus smell of lemongrass. Let the oil nourish your beard while transporting you back to a sun dappled glade in a wood.

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Looking for an outdoor scent that is sure to get you invited in? Lost in the woods takes the art of beard growing to the great outdoors by sampling the aromatic prowess of all nature has to offer. Essential oils of Cedar, Rosemary, Sage and Lemongrass blend perfectly to tickle the nose and remind you of walking through timbers. Cedar essential oil is a very cleansing and strengthening aroma and when combined with the earthy notes of Sage and Rosemary this blend comes to life and takes you to a far off land. Picture coming over a hill deep in a forest to find a small warm cabin by a creek. It’s a chainsaw swinging good time!*

Beard oil can be used as pre and after shave as well, as it is light and leaves no residue. Moisturize your face while smelling fresh and clean. This won’t turn you into a lumberjack, but it will cause you to smell like one, so now you just have to learn to swing a chainsaw!

*IMPORTANT NOTE: we do not encourage, condone or otherwise endorse the swinging of chainsaws, however if you really want to cut down the forest right after applying this beard oil, send us some pictures!